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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that occasionally you will have a question about your order.

To help you out, below you will find the answer to the most commonly asked questions.


What size should I order?

For information on sizing, please check out our Size Chart.

Are your clothes ethically made?

Yes! I Love Your Laugh is committed to safe, lawful, ethical manufacturing, and printing of all our products.  We take pride in selling ethically crafted gifts that will make you feel good about wearing our clothing and accessories, and using our products.

How do I care for my clothing?

Since we use eco-friendly water-based ink for all of our designs, the print on our garments can fade easily.  To improve the life of your I Love Your Laugh clothing, be sure to follow the care instructions below: 

  1. Always wash in cold water.
  2. Hand-wash if specified on the tag.
  3. Do not use bleach or any strong detergent products.
  4. Do not machine dry. Be sure to hang or lay flat to air dry.
  5. Wash similar clothes together.
  1. Increase the life of your hoodie by wearing your hoodie as many times as possible before washing it. 
  2. Turn your hoodie inside-out before washing.
  3. Wash in cold water on the gentle cycle with a color-preserving laundry detergent.
  4. Hang to dry instead of tossing it in the dryer. Not only does this help it last longer, but it can also prevent shrinking.
  5. Store your hoodie in a cool, dry, dark place during warm weather. Wash and air-dry it before storing. Use a garment bag for extra protection.


What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

How long will it take to get my order?

Allow 3-5 days for the hand printing process and 3-5 days for the shipping process.